16 Small Gestures Women Make When They Care About You But Don’t Want A Relationship

Thought Catalog


1. She doesn’t want to have a never ending text conversation just to make the claim that you’re “talking.” However, if you went to her with a problem, or important news, she’d make time for you.

2. It may be obvious that she doesn’t want you to spend the night, but she wants you to spend more time at her place than just an hour in her bedroom. There’s usually a prelude – drinks or a meal – and the conversation goes beyond obligatory small talk.

3. She’s open about not wanting a relationship by letting you know what her out is. She’ll let you know if she’s moving, if she just got out of a serious relationship, or if she’s too busy at work to foster a full-fledged relationship.

4. She’ll meet up with you in public, maybe even introduce you to a few friends, but never as…

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