10 Reasons It’s OK To Stay In A Relationship (Even If You Know It’s Not Going To Last)

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Before SunsetBefore Sunset

Why is it okay to stay in a relationship that you know isn’t going to last? There are many good reasons. Perhaps someday on a summer night, you will hear the wind rustling through the trees. A warm breeze will wisp into your bedroom, ruffling the curtains as well as your memory. Perhaps you will be able to hear whispers from those days that are long past. You may be lying in your marital bed, with your children tucked safely in the next room. The love of your life might be sleeping peacefully in your arms. If you give in to this distant call from the past, your mind will be carried away and flooded with recollections of the extraordinary. It will be hard to deny that past relationships have added to the luster of your wisdom and life experiences. Perhaps you will recall…

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