23 Completely Reasonable Things A Woman Should Be Able to Check Off Her Bucket List By 30

Working on #21 myself.

Thought Catalog


1. Learn how to be friends with yourself. Self-hate and insecurity are terrible for you, and you’ll look back, inevitably, and say, “I had no reason not to be confident then! Why did I waste so much time not believing in myself?”

2. Develop really great friendships with other women. You don’t have to have a million friends, but you have to have a few good ones that you can lean on when you need support, celebrate with when life is good, and go to for advice.

3. Acquire the confidence to say “thanks but no thanks” to every guy who offers up a dating option that benefits him more than it benefits you.

4. Learn the difference between healthy cooking you can benefit from for the rest of your life and Pinterest cooking that will win you appreciative “yummmms” but are filled with cheese and fat and are…

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