Sobfest at the doctor’s office

Yeah, well this time I obliged to go to the doctor. A lot of good that did me.

Four weeks ago, I got a rash on my upper-right ear (part where you tuck your hair in). It didn’t bother me much because I usually get weird things like that but they’d disappear after some time, so I let this one go. After two weeks, the same rash appeared on my left ear. So now I had two rashes. These really started bothering me but still, I chose to wait. Two days ago, however, I panicked because I realized its been too long and the rashes that are supposed to disappear after a while still have not disappeared. So I decided to pay my dermatologist a visit. While I was in the waiting area, I got paranoid and all I could think about was that this was probably skin cancer or lupus or something equally life-threatening. So there I was, psyching myself out, on the verge of tears (no kidding), when my name was finally called. At this point, I was scared shitless to see the doctor thinking she might confirm the things that I was just thinking about. Anyway, I went inside the doctors office and the moment she asks me “What’s wrong?” my lips start quivering and I start to cry! As I was showing her the rashes on my ears, I just kept crying while trying to explain to her that these mysterious rashes have been “overstaying” on my ears. I could barely get a word out. Seriously. After the doctor told me I may have skin asthma, she then asked, “Why are you crying?” I answered, “I thought its something really bad, I love my skin” (???? Who says “I love my skin” to a doctor?!) and let me tell you, it took me quite a while to say that phrase because of all the crying. The doctors last words to me were “Come back in 7 days for a follow-up. No more crying next time, okay?” (Don’t judge, but I was still crying even after I left the clinic. I tried to stop but the tears just kept on coming).

When I got home, I felt so silly for crying the moment I stepped into that clinic. Looking back now, I seriously can’t help but laugh at myself for crying the way I did, but I really cant help but over-think things sometimes. I should’ve at least let the doctor tell me her diagnosis before I sobbed like a baby!

That was actually the first time I went to the doctor without my mom to accompany me. Wow. I feel like such a grown-up now. Not bad for a first-time-and-alone visitor, i guess.

How was your first-time-and-alone visit to the doctor? Are you paranoid like me? Share your experience with me, I’d really like to know! 🙂

Thank you! I really appreciate you taking time to read this post 🙂


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