Question of the Day

So I was on my way home from church, and a thought suddenly occurred: That my mind is always filled with things– start French lessons, invest in a sewing machine, invest in an oven, go to France, tell my crush how I feel – that I want to do someday. I, however, always end up not doing these things because I always think about the negative “what ifs.” “What if I forget all the French words and only remember basic words like ‘oui, bien, bonjour?'” or “What if I get bored of sewing?” or “What if France isn’t what I always dreamed of?…” Thinking about these things bug me to death! I just wanna erase all of these questions from my mind, just start doing things I want to do without thinking about the consequences, and start taking some risks.

The Question: Do you ever feel like you can do something, and the moment you’re on the verge of doing that something, you hold back because you’re scared to fail? What instances do you feel these things?

Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section. I’d love to know! 🙂


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